We are living in a world where technology is changing from one digital platform to another. Be it your PC, Chromebook, Smartphone or your tablet to play, one thing stand out you need a data storage that will fit into your needs.

USB known as Universal Series Bus stick is perfect for you. The USB sticks are convenient and exotic brands in the market designed with the latest technology. A fast USB stick saves you more of your browsing data especially if you use on daily basis.usb

One fascinating thing you need to know is that performance is vital when using your USB stick. Are you keen to mix efficiency and speed? Then go for a USB which is fast, large, affordable and the most rugged. What USB stick is the fastest and most reliable?

  1. File Transfer Speeds

Most of the USB sticks measure their transfer speeds by megabyte per second. This accentuates how fast the stick can retrieve and write data. The fast USB are designed with two different speeds, one for reading data and the other for writing. Go for that stick that accesses information on documents and how quick on the same note can save the new content. The stick should have a higher file speed.

  1. Storage Of The USB Stick

The best and fast USB stick is that which has a storage capacity that goes hand in hand with your storage capacity. This will depend on the size of the file you are going to save. Most of the latest sticks come in handy with different storage size. Most of sticks are denoted GB standing for Gigabytes. Storage capacity increases the performance of the stick. The stick that handles huge amounts data will be fast if it has that capacity to receive and save the data.

  1. Price 

Price is what determines the affordability and the reliability of the stick. Sticks come in different sizes and prices. Shy away from cheap sticks as they are cheap for a reason. The low prices are directed to the materials used in the manufacture of the sticks, thus having impact on the efficiency and effectively of the stick. Price should go hand in hand with the quality of the USB stick. Get the reviews and ratings of the customers earlier to get the fast and more reliable USB stick.

  1. Portability 

usb2The USB stick should be of the right size and weight. USB stick should be combining both portability and excellent performance. This makes the USB stick fast and more reliable. You should be able to move from one place with your stick, transferring data from your office to home.

Final Thought 

Ordinary is boring, ensure that you pick an USB stick that is made with the latest technology to spice your digital world.…

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Which is the best CPU of 2015?

Many people buying computers have had problems when shopping for the best CPUs in the market. When you need to buy a good CPU in the year 2015, then you should consider the following five options. Here are the top 5 CPUs of the year 2015:

  1. Intel Core i7-4790K

Intel Core i7-4790K is a CPU that comes with a Haswell Architecture, its Turbo Frequency is 4.0 (4.4) computer2GHz with a Cores (Threads) of 4 (8) in terms of frequency. Other features are TDP of 88w, process time of 22nm and a socket of LGA 1150. With the speed, you will always play your games at a faster rate with its processing twice as much as the old CPUs in the market. It is also durable when compared to the old models.

  1. Intel Core i5-4690K

Intel Core i5-4690K is one powerful CPU with feature such as Haswell Architecture, a turbo Frequency is 3.3 (3.8) GHz. It comes with a Cores (Threads) of 4 (6), a socket of LGA 1050, TDP of 80w and process time of 18nm. It also works well in many modern computers especially from its higher compatibility. With the specs, you will be able to run many applications programs in the computer without having problems in the speed.computer4

  1. AMD FX-8320

AMD FX-8320 is an amazing CPU with specs like Vishera Architecture, a turbo Frequency is 3.5 (4.0) GHz. It comes with a Cores (Threads) of 8 (8), a socket of LGA AM+3, TDP of 80w and process time of 32nm. When you have it, it always comes with a powerful functionality that makes it different when compared to others that you can get when you need the best CPU from the market. It also affordable when compared to many other Intel CPUs.

  1. Intel Core i7-4790

Intel Core i7-4790 is another CPU made of Kaveri Architecture and a turbo Frequency is 3.6 (4.0) GHz. It comes with a Cores (Threads) of 4 (8)., TDP of 84w, a socket of LGA 1150 and process time of 22nm. The difference between Intel Core i7-4790K and Intel Core i7-4790 is the speed in the processor. The Intel Core i7-4790K can multi task at a higher rate than the Intel Core i7-4790 due to higher processor speed.

  1. computer3AMD FX-6300

AMD FX-6300 comes with powerful specs of Vishera Architecture, a turbo Frequency is 3.8 (4.5) GHz. It comes with a Cores (Threads) of 8 (6), a socket of AM+3, TDP of 78w and process time of 30nm. When you use it, it will provide you a powerful speed thus enabling you to do many tasks in your computer at a given time.

In conclusion, the above are the top 5 CPUs of the year 2015 that you can buy from the market.…

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